Thermal Interface Material

Thermal conductive silicone sheet (GST series) is a composition of thermal conductive filler with silicone rubber. GST20 uses unique silicon oil and filler blending, providing high absorbability, soft, self-sticky and smooth properties. When variable gaps occur, it can generate the minimal board and component stress.

Features & Benefits:
●It can work continuously from -40 to 150 ℃ without oil bleeding
●With low thermal resistance, heat dissipation, insulation, and non-toxicity features, it acts as a vibration and shock absorber
●Between the temperature range that silicone can withstand (-40~200°C), the colloid will protect the electronic components from being short-circuit or yellowing due to temperature shock.
●Flammability rating: UL94 V-0
●Applications: Equipments that require heat dissipation, such as electronic control board, air-condition system, automobile system module, electric vehicle (EVs), traditional industry mechanic, electronic components (IC, CPU, MOS) LED, motherboard, power supply, heat sink, LCD television, laptop, PC, DDR module, DVD devices, cell phones, etc.

GST Series