Display & Panel

Being a versatile material with many excellent properties such as heat resistance, durability, thermal conductivity, releasability, and flat surface, etc. silicone is very suitable for application in LCD module (OLB, PCB processes), which acts as a heat compression cushion for anisotropic conductive film (ACF). In addition, silicone also offer good functions of cushion, anti-slip, insulation, and light shielding so that it could be used in shading plate in the assembly of various screens in the optoelectronic industry such as LCD, LED, etc.


1.Light shield sheet applied in LCD screen, LCD television, laptop screen, handheld electronic devices, etc.

2.ACF bonding sheet applied in LCD, LCD panel, touchscreen interface, and other requires high-precision consumable materials, etc.

3.Gasket and cushion for electro-conductive components (consumer electronics, office automation, healthcare equipments)


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