Medical & Healthcare

As one of the excellent medical-use high-polymer materials, silicone rubber is the most preferable material for medical and healthcare application, including various kinds of medical products, components of medical equipment or wearable devices. We offer silicone raw materials with certifications including ISO10993, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, FDA, USP CLASS VI, NSF-61, LFGB, and UL-94.

Field of Application

1. Medical Supplies & Consumer Goods (Medical membrane keypad, instrument pads, scalpel pad, nebulizer plugs, introducer plug, needle cushions, tourniquet, etc.)

2. Respiratory Equipment (Breathing mask, etc.)

3. Wound Covering (Scar-care dressing, etc.)

4. Cosmetic and Dermatological Products (Mask, eye mask, etc.)

5. Baby Care Products (Baby bottle nipples, pacifiers, teething toys, etc.)

6. Tubing and Seals (Pumps, equipment sealing rings, etc.)

7. Wearable medical devices (Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE), skin patches, etc.)

8. Elastic Tape and Anti-slip for Compression Therapy Clothing & Rehabilitation Supplies (Joint supports, compression shirts, shorts, tights, socks, etc.)

Silicone Properties in Medical & Healthcare Industry

Silicone’s properties in the medical and healthcare field are characterized by its exceptional biocompatibility and skin-friendliness, which mean that it will not trigger allergic reactions. It can be easily sterilized by using various methods as well. Besides, silicone’s resistance to oxidation and the ability to withstand high and low temperatures also play a crucial role in medical applications by ensuring the medical devices can undergo rigorous sterilization processes, involving cold storage or transportation, and maintain their functionality over time.


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