Electronic and communication products have been widely used in daily life, and silicone exists in many high-tech products, for examples, television, computer, cell phone, watch, etc. Silicone brings many good properties of weather resistance, insulation, water resistance, resilience, and fatigue resistance. In addition, it can be customized with diversified colors according to customers demand. All of these make silicone rubber the first choice of key and button materials for various electronic products, and it has been widely applied in many kinds of electronic equipments in recent years to meet the needs of operating interface. Meanwhile, with good thermal conductivity, compressibility, and excellent insulation, silicone can be used as an insulating silicone thermal material, which offers low thermal resistance and high heat dissipation performance.


1.All kind of functional keypads and buttons applied in personal computer, laptop, remote control, cell phone, multifunctional printers, wireless phone, etc.
2.Electronic wearable accessories (watchband, silicone wrist strap)
3.Electronic packaging materials for sealing and protection functions of electronic (seal strips, carrier tape etc.)
4. Thermal conductive pad that are widely applied in electronic parts such as LED, motherboard, power supply, heat sink, LCD television, notebook computer, telecommunication equipment, wireless hub, memory module, mobile phone, IC, CPU, MOS, etc.


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